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SportsTutor 360 Program

Mind – Skill - Game

Is your young athlete ready to take their game to the next level?  Do they aspire to play in high school or college? The SportsTutor 360 Program is aimed at doing just that for players U8-U12 (or, generally 2nd grade through 5th grade). The 360 Program is a year-round program of futsal, soccer, agility and fitness training.   These are the most critical years for young athletes to learn ALL the PROPER technical aspects of the sport and how to use them appropriately.   The balance of activities, timing, and consistency make the SportsTutor 360 experience unlike any other, as the program caters to the entire athlete.

The SportsTutor 360 Program is unique because it offers a balance of soccer and futsal with thoughtful planning for both.  There is active and inactive time scheduled to chase one goal: Becoming a complete, balanced player and person. This is a competitive program, and players will be appropriately trained based on technique, physical development, and playing maturity.

The 360 program will offer limited roster places per age and gender. It begins with Summer Futsal, Fall Outdoor Soccer, Winter Futsal, and concludes with Spring Outdoor Soccer. The best part of this program is the VALUE you get for the money and the fact it’s budgeted on affordable monthly investments versus lump sums.  Here is the monthly investment breakdown and what is included:    

U8/U9 is only $95 per month - beginning in July and ending in May. ($250 deposit in June)

U10 - U12 is only $125 per month - beginning in July and ending in May. ($250 deposit in June)

-Summer Training

-Summer Camps (when available)

-Fall Training (twice a week) and League Games

-Fall Season Tournament   

-Winter Training (twice a week) and House League Games

-Spring Training (twice a week) and League Games

-Two Spring Tournaments (ending with the Village State Cup or other event)

Players will purchase a complete uniform kit for only $100 that will be used for BOTH outdoor and indoor events. Uniform kits are on a two year cycle.

This program is designed to: (1) create smart/agile/skilled soccer players, (2) provide consistent high level training for the critical small-sided game frame work and (3) create solid team rosters that are prepared to transition to the 11v11 game.  Desire to learn, commitment to improve, and competitive attitude are imperative.  Mind-Skill-Game!

2020/2021 SportsTutor 360 program begins in July and has only a limited number of spots available, so register now and begin investing in the next level for your player.  Questions? Please see Ty Stauffer (270) 570-0303 or Dale Armistead (270)929-2502.

Tentative 2020/2021 Calendar

June 15-30Spring Season Wraps Up
June 30360 Registration Deadline For Upcoming Season
July 6-8Parent Meetings via Zoom
July 13-16Fall Training Begins
July 20-232nd Week of Fall Training
July 27-303rd Week of Fall Training
August 3-64th Week of Fall Training
August 10-135th Week of Fall Training
August 17-20 Fall Outdoor Practice week 6
August 24-27Fall Outdoor Practice week 7

Sept 2-6Fall Outoor Practice week 
Sept 9-13Fall Outdoor Practice week 
Sept 16-20Fall Outdoor Practice week 
Sept 23-27Fall Outdoor Practice week 
Sept 30-Oct 4Fall Outdoor Practice week 
Oct 7-11DCPS Fall Break/ Fall Break Camp week 9
Oct 14-18Fall Outdoor Practice week 10
Oct 21-25Fall Outdoor Practice week 11
Oct 26-27Kick or Treat Tourney
 Oct 28-Nov 1Cross Training week 12
Nov 11-16Futsal Week 1 session 1
Nov 18-23Futsal Week 2 session 1
Nov 25-30Futsal Week 3 session 1 partial week
Dec 2-7Futsal Week 4 session 1
Dec 9-13Futsal Week 5 session 1
Dec 16-20Futsal Week 6 session 1
Dec 24, 25, 26Off for Christmas 
Dec 27-28Futsal Week remainder for week 3
Jan 1-5Off-futsal team practice
Jan 6-11Off -futsal team practice

Jan 20-26Futsal Week 1 session 2
Jan 27-Feb 2Futsal Week 2 session 2
Feb 3-9Futsal Week 3 session 2
Feb 10-16Futsal Week 4 session 2
Feb 17-23Futsal Week 5 session 2
Feb 24-Mar 1Futsal Week 6 session 2

Mar 9-15Spring Outdoor practice week 1
Mar 16-22Spring Outdoor practice week 2
 Mar 21-22Javanon Cup
Mar 23-29Spring Outdoor practice week 3
Mar 30-Apr 5Spring Break practice wwek 4
Apr 13-19Spring Outdoor practice week 5
Apr 20-26Spring Outdoor practice week 6
Apr 27-May 3Spring Outdoor practice week 7
May 4-10Spring Outdoor practice week 8
 May 9-10Village Cup
May 11-17Spring Outdoor practice week 9
 May 16-17Queen City Cup/Presidents Cup
May 18-24Spring Outdoor practice week 10
May 23-25President Cup finals/State Cup

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